The goal is to make this a very safe and warm community that everyone can share.
Our mission is to stay inclusive by respecting and valuing all members regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, nationality, ability, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, political, and socioeconomic status. We want everyone to feel welcome and respected.
Freestyle Custom Fabrics is strongly against Cultural Appropriation, Racism, and Heteronormativity.
What is Cultural Appropriation?
It refers to the use of objects or elements of a non-dominant culture in a way that doesn’t respect their original meaning, or give credit to the source. In other words the adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity. This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from disadvantaged minority cultures. These groups and individuals include Indigenous people, those who advocate for the collective intellectual property right of the originating minority cultures, and those who have/are living under colonial rule. Cultural Appropriation can include exploitation of another culture’s religious and/or cultural traditions, fashion, symbols, language, and music.
*If you would like to learn or know more about Cultural Appropriation please take a look at the links provided below*
Will not be tolerated whatsoever in any form. That includes either directly or indirectly characterized on FCF products. It will also not be tolerated within the FCF community.
What is Heteronormativity?
It is the belief that heterosexuality is the default, preferred, or normal mode of sexual orientation. Therefore FCF will not be partaking in any production of Heteronormativity on our products, or within our community.
Thank you for understanding our zero tolerance policy for these very important subjects. We take pride at FCF in including, respecting, and valuing ALL members. We will continue to educate ourselves on all of these matters and welcome any feedback on how to stay within these guidelines.