If you are looking for a personally customized fabric design, please refer to the process below.


Send an email to with what design ideas you are looking for.  Images are always helpful.  Images will help convey the idea you have pictured in your head. Please be as descriptive as possible and provide as many images as you would like in your email, then I can come as close as I can to what you have in mind.  Remember, the sky is the limit.  Once we have agreed on a design and you are happy with the outcome, I will add it to the next round of preorders!

If you have original artwork that you would like to have created and printed on fabric I am more than happy to bring your artwork to life! Please send a request to the same email above and we can proceed with collaborating a design with your original artwork. 

If you have designs you have created yourself I am more than happy to have these printed for you. Please send an email to the same email above with your designs and we can discuss details to move forward with printing.


 Seamless images can be acquired from

 For example, if you are looking for dinosaurs, you can type in the search bar “dinosaurs seamless”.  Once you find a seamless image you like, post it over in the “Adobe Requests” album.  This will make it easy for me to know what you are wanting and I can tag those interested in that print once the preorder opens for it.


First you will need to create a Freestyle Custom Fabrics account on the website HERE

Each Wednesday, all new pre-order designs will be added to the pre-order section of the website.  Each month will have 4, sometimes 5 rounds included in it. Please reference calendar below for a better visual of what a typical month will look like.

Using the calendar above as an example Round 1.1 would be open from Feb 3-24, Round 1.2 would be open from Feb 10-24, Round 1.3 would be open from Feb 17-24. Round 1.4 would be open from Feb 24-26. Once each round opens, purchases can happen anytime up until that month’s rounds close. On Feb 26 ALL rounds for February will close at 6 pm MDT. Any purchases made after this point will be added to the following months Pre-order. 


Each design will be limited to 50 Meters per round and up to 100 total meters produced before it is put in the vault, where it may or may not come out of again. This means that each print can be run twice with the potential of up to 100 meters while these pre-orders are open. We are looking to keep our designs exclusive and unique, and feel this is a great way to do so. 

If you would like to purchase a design in any of the open rounds, feel free to do so at anytime during that month up until the cut off date (Last Friday of any given month) 

Checkout/Shipping: Each month for your FIRST order you select your shipping charge based on the Province/Country you live in. (anywhere from $16-$23). IF within that same month you would like to make another purchase from a new round, you do not have to pay the full shipping amount again. Please select the ADD ON fee @ $3. *This only applies to orders within the same month.
To help keep it organized for me, please reference in the notes section your FIRST months order number on any following ADD ON orders so that I know what to bundle together.

Lettermail Option: Offered within Canada @ $6. This can apply to the following purchases and is at buyers risk:
1-1/2 meter cut
6 or less Diaper cuts
2- 22" PUL Cuts
2- 16" PUL Cuts

During each month, I am open to any and ALL design requests

TAT From Supplier Order Date:

Fabric Printing: 3-4 Weeks

Shipping to HQ: 2-3 Weeks

Processing at HQ: 1-3 Weeks

TOTAL TAT: 6-10 Weeks

These time frames are not guaranteed and may vary due to multiple factors.