Freestyle Custom Fabrics is now happy to offer Exclusive Designs

What are Exclusive Designs?

Custom creation and design for your exclusive use only.  Each design will be exclusive to the original content creator and not for public sale.  It will be yours and yours only and will never be printed for or provided to anyone else.  It will be printed on the fabric base of your choice.


In order to maintain the integrity of each design and ensure protection of copyright of designs, ownership of all designs will remain with Freestyle Custom Fabrics.  Unlimited printing rights will remain with the purchaser of the custom design until such a time as the design is retired, as per the written request of the original design purchaser.  Regular price per meter applies, as per website price list.

A watermarked copy of the design will be provided to the purchaser for advertising purposes.  This watermark can be either the Freestyle Custom Fabrics watermark or a watermark of your choice, which will be applied and then the design will be provided to you.  



A one time flat rate fee of $350 per design. 

On average, designs take between 10-12 hours to complete, which includes collaboration time, research, and production.